Slowing Down

Things are definitely starting to slow down around here...and I think I miss being busy. It's getting colder outside which means I'll be forced to spend more time inside. Good thing Santa brought me the Canon speedlite to keep me entertained this winter!

Here are some shots just for fun...



Love this Family!





It's rare to see this family with out smiles on their faces. The are so happy and fun loving! I loved every minute with them. They also brought along the family pets which was a new experience for me (a good new experience that is).

Jen and Randy thanks so much for letting me do your pictures. Oh, and thanks for the killer belgium waffle and icecream!


Night of Nativities

Our church every year around Christmas time does what's called Night of Nativities. People donate their creches (just for a weekend) and then they are set up for display. They usually have several hundred donated each year. It's amazing to see all of the many varieties of beautiful manger scenes. Here's just a few I managed to get pictures of.

(this one is mine with the little naked baby Jesus and the sombrero. It's definitely one of my favorites.)


Cowboy Up!

Not much to say except I LOVE THIS KID!


For Chelsea,

Another beautiful little family. You might recognize the baby, I did her pictures when she was just a few weeks old. Believe it or not she was one of my first practice shots. This time I got to do the whole family and thankfully I've had a little bit more practice since then.


Pomegranate anyone?

Nate asked me why I would take a picture of a pomegranate, you might be asking yourself the same question. But if there's ever the slightest chance that you might need a picture of a pomegranate you'll thank me.


Beautiful little family

Here's another cute little family I got to take pictures for. It got busy for a while with everyone one trying to get their Christmas cards out, but I think it's finally slowing down. Now maybe I can have a chance to do my families Christmas cards....but then again, maybe not. (I tend to procrastinate. At the rate I go it would most likely be Christmas/Valentines cards. But hey, it's the thought that counts...right?)


Oh boy!

I must say that I absolutely love this family of ALL boys! This is one of the funnest little families I know. I'm sure there's never a dull moment around their home. I can only imagine 5 of my little Kaleb's running around and that thought in itself is exhausting.