Meet the Fam

My very talented friend, Merilee, took our family pictures and did a beeeee-autiful job! To check 'em out click HERE.

Sorry, I left out the attempted "hot & steamy" poses. I have to try to keep whatever dignity I have left. But, if you're ever having a really bad day and you need a good laugh just send me an email and I'll shoot one your way. ;)


Keri & Derek

Think it's about time for some pictures? I do too! :)


Something a Little Different...

I love Photoshop; the possibilities are endless. Today I was feeling the low contrast, soft colors, washed out look.

I love this little shot of Macie, chomping away on a lollipop and the dear in the head lights look :)

Other stuff,
Nate and I did some family pictures the other day. I was looking at a few of me and Nate, you know, the really lovey ones where you can almost feel the passion (I hope you can sense the sarcasm) and honestly, I almost had to vomit. I thought I could pull off serious and.... No. I thought I could pull off steamy and.... Huh, uh No. I thought I could pull off "make love to the camera" and... pfft! Big NO. When I look at the pictures it's a mix between gagging and laughing. How do you people do it?! It's so much easier to be the one looking through the lens. I'm trying to get up the nerve to post a few, but I don't know if I can. I'm afraid I will receive massive amounts of emails from angry readers stating that I owe them money to replace their now vomit soaked computer....

What?! It could happen.


Mr. Adorable

The proof is in the pictures...

I wonder what's going on in that little head of his. Probably something like, "Watchoo lookin at lady?!" said in the voice of Mr. T.

A beautiful little family on the inside & out. Heather, you have an absolutely beautiful and genuine smile!

I love this shot above.... oh, and also the one below :)

Don't photographers think the weirdest things? Let's take a cute little boy, sit him on the railroad tracks, and then call it art... I LOVE IT! (no worries, the railroad tracks weren't active)


Dear Kaleb,

I love you lots & lots!

(In the words of Madonna) "Strike a pose"

The Last of Fall

The signs of fall are quickly fading fast. The last leaves are falling off of the trees and the snow is coming. I'm not a fan of the snow.... (thinking warm thoughts)


Round 2

Recognize these people? Well they are back for round two and this time they decided to bring along their Dad, which happens to be my brother. He did a pretty good job trying to cover up how much he did not want to be doing family pictures...

I love this picture below. I was shooting their Mom and Dad in the opposite direction when I start to hear the kids calling my name saying, "Ginnie, Ginnie. Take our picture!". So I turned around and this is what I saw. It just melts my heart... (sigh) what would it be like to have kids that actually loved each other? ;)


Oh, Baby!

Meet little Miss Cassie and all her sweetness. The day was perfect for pictures; overcast, not too cold, and the leaves were bright and beautiful. She wasn't too sure of what to think of me so we didn't get a lot of smiles, but when you have a perfect little baby face no smiles are needed.


Bingham Family

I loved every minute with this sweet family. How could I not? The kids were absolutely adorable :)