Because I {HEART} You!

I do not use the phrase "I {HEART} you" loosely. Nope. This is something I say only on rare and special occasions such as this.

Attention fellow photogs:
I have made up some
NEW and FREE photoshop actions
to share with you! I dare say these are some of my new favorite actions!

Note to my non-photog friends: "An Action is a recording of a series of steps or Commands in Photoshop to which you apply a name. Later on, you can play that recording back on a different file and have Photoshop do your work for you."

Macie can be our guinea pig. I say that in the most loving way a parent possibly can. Oh, and don't mind the funky little under bite she's pulling. It's a phase she's going through... hopefully it doesn't last long.

The Bump it UP! action is a simple everyday work flow action. It enhances the shadows without bumping up the highlights. This action works best on well exposed images, so if your SOOC (straight out of camera) image is a little dark you might want to lighten the image first.

Here's Jessika, my niece. Despite what it may look, she's not depressed, she's just in high school and smiling + high school = the NOT cool factor. It's just a phase she's going through... hopefully it doesn't last long. Now that I think about it, the under bite phase isn't too bad after all.

- Original image -

The Low Contrast B/W action is one of my favorite moody B/W. Same rules apply with this action as well. If your image doesn't have the right exposure you might have to lighten/darken your image to get the look you want.

And, if you're feeling crazy you can run both of the actions. Just remember you can control the strength of the actions by adjusting the opacity in the layers palette.

Hope you enjoy the actions as much as I do! Let me know watchya think :)
Much love,

Now, ready.... set.... download!

-----> Click HERE <------

PS- These actions are compatible with the CS versions of Photoshop.
PSS- These actions will be up for 30 days with an unlimited amount of downloads. If you miss the 30 day mark and wanted to get the actions just email me and I will hook you up! :)

Mac users: If you are having problems downloading the actions just email me and I will send them to you via email. ginniejphotography{a}gmail.com


On the Spot...

It's kind of like being spotlighted back in the day of elementary school, but better... lots better.

The lovely Marta from M. Writes did a fun little Q & A with me over on her blog.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading her blog, I suggest you hop on over there to check it out. She has one of those inspirational blogs. A blog that inspires the mind, heart, soul... and the inner Martha Stewart. After I read her posts I, all off sudden, feel a great urge to make truffles, kiss my kids and look at them adoringly, and channel my inner domestic diva that's been screaming to come out. Yes, Marta is a beautiful person inside and out and it shows.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Lazy Days

I'm even too lazy to write.

Yep, these would be my kids.
I even claim the one in the middle. :)


Just Macie...

and her new little hair cut stopping by to say HI!


The Bun is in the Oven

You might recognize this person from this post. Well, my beautiful sister is pregnant and this little boy has another month and a half left to cook until he's ready to meet the world. He will be number 32 of my nieces and nephews on my families side. Isn't it sad when there are so many kids you have to assign a number to them instead of a name. ;) Mine are #21, #25, & #29. Crazy. I know, but it's the kind of crazy I love.

So now that I'm completely off subject, let's move on to the pictures...


Polaroid of the Day: Good-Bye for Now

This weekend we will be busy de-Christmasing are house. It's bitter sweet packing up the tree and saying good-bye for one more year...

So, here's to a new year, with new adventures, full of meeting new friends, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a new home.