Fall family pictures

I took some fall family pictures for one of my best friends who gets to experience the joys of being the wife of dental student with me...misery loves company. So between complaining about our nasty brown water and broken washers & dryers we managed to take some pictures.

I don't know how everyone else does it, but I have a hard time narrowing down my favorites. So for the sake of not filling up this whole blog with hundreds of pictures I've managed to pick a few of my favorites.


Lil' D

I took some pictures of my little nephew Deacon when I was home. Isn't he so stinkin' cute? I just love his chubby little cheeks.


Good 'ol Utah

I've been back home to Utah, hence the bogging dry spell. It's a ritual I've become accustom to since my husband & I have been living back east for schoolfor the past 3 years. We usually fly out for a few weeks. Actually, I usually fly out for a few weeks while Nate only stays for part of the time. So he's already gone back home taking the camera with him. I did however, manage to take a few shots before he went home.

All shots are SOOC (strait out of camera) since I'm away from my photoshop. The first two of the mountains were taken at sunrise, making them appear a little hazy. The rest of the pictures are from my mom's flower garden....she's does an amazing job!


Best dumb blonde joke ever!

I know this isn't photo related, but I just couldn't help myself.
Being blonde myself I never get offended by blonde jokes, in fact I can appreciate a good one when I see it. I was online a while back and found this dumb blonde joke. I deemed it worthy to make the blog...It gave me a good laugh. I hope you enjoy it.

For the best dumb blonde joke ever CLICK HERE