Brand spankin' new

My good friend just had a beautiful baby boy two days ago. Actually, almost all of my friends around here are pregnant or have just had a baby. Fortunately for me I do not fall into either category and don't plan on joining that club any time soon. I think it is in my kids best interest that I try to stay somewhat sane for a little bit longer.

So for now I will let all my friends do the baby making and having and I will just enjoy holding them and then being able to give them back when they're fussy.

So here is Little Eli and our impromptu photo session


My boys...

This one's for the boys in my life that I love and adore.


...more of Macie

Here are some more of Macie. She really isn't as serious of a child as she looks. I'm not quite sure what's going on in that little 18 months head of hers. Probably something like; why does SHE have to be my mom? or couldn't I have been sent to someone a little bit more normal?

Sorry kid...you're stuck with me (at least for another 16 & 1/2 years).

same picture as the first except the non-cropped version. I couldn't decide which one I liked best... so I put both in.

not the best picture but I thought it was sweet how she was trying to put her shoe on by herself

this is the closest picture I have to a smile. So by default it had to post this one.

I love that little kissy face


Little miss Macie

I attempted (key word attempted) to take some pictures of Macie today. Now I know why I hardly have any pictures of her up until this point. Go figure, a little girl who doesn't like to get her picture taken.

More pictures to come...


Tut, tut...looks like rain

I was outside just taking pictures of my kids when little miss Camden (my friends little girl) came walking along. As soon as she saw me pull out my camera she used her umbrella as a shield (smart girl).

So I ask, "Camden, can I take your picture?"...

You guessed it, NO...
(I will get her one of these days....she can't hide under that umbrella forever)


More of the kiddo's

Get ready for picture overload! I couldn't pick & choose which one's to put on, so... I put them all on. Some are definetaly better than others...but, oh well. Enjoy!

I captured a rare moment, Abrie & Kaleb actually getting along! I should frame this one and pull it out every time they're fighting and say, "see you really do love each other".
The many faces of Kaleb...


Abrie & Kaleb

I took the kids on another walk to take their pictures. Their response was, "not again, MOM!". I really need to get some other kids to take pictures of seeing as my children are all "pictured" out. Here are just a couple of pictures from last night. I'll post more when I get the chance...


A little pixie dust...

Abrie saw some pictures on Two Peas of a little girl that had fairy wings and of course she just HAD to have some too! You've seen these pictures before just minus the wings.

Now Kalebs turn. He begged, "please mom, make me a bad fairy, please, please, PLEASE!". This was the result


36 things and counting...

Well I started my list of 36 things from two peas in a bucket. Here is what I came up with;

Ok, I know this might be stretching it, but just work with me here. My daughter Abrie (soft) against a (hard) granite rock...that works, right?
This is the end of a log with moss growing on it...not too exciting. But I actually really love this picture. I love the contrast in it.


This was a picture of part of a log house that was in Valley Forge


I cheated on this one and did two because I couldn't decide which one I liked best. I like the color one...

and Nate likes the Black & white one


I thought this was kind of a cool shot of a malnourished squirrel practicing aerobatics.