Brand spankin' new

My good friend just had a beautiful baby boy two days ago. Actually, almost all of my friends around here are pregnant or have just had a baby. Fortunately for me I do not fall into either category and don't plan on joining that club any time soon. I think it is in my kids best interest that I try to stay somewhat sane for a little bit longer.

So for now I will let all my friends do the baby making and having and I will just enjoy holding them and then being able to give them back when they're fussy.

So here is Little Eli and our impromptu photo session


Em said...

I love his pruney baby feet!
How on earth did you manage to take photos, get them posted, pack and get out the door for a month?

MichelleChud said...

I'm with em. You photo nut. JK. Cute pics. You're lucky you have so many babies right there to take pics of. Good job.

Mer said...

good job! How did you get all this done in one day before leaving?!

Angela and Family said...

Hello CHUBBY! I don't think I've ever seem such a chubby newborn. He does have adorable pruney little feet. Congrats to the mom and dad!