Absolutely delicious

Any one hungry for some little baby fingers and little baby toes?

I friend of mine was nice enough to let me steal her baby. And would you believe that this little chubba-chub is less than 4 weeks old?! She is such a little sweetheart and check out all that hair. That is more hair than all my 3 babies had put together.

Again, some more indoor shoots. Still a little frustrated by how they turned out. I had to turn my ISO up pretty high in order to get some decent shots. It was good practice for me...I didn't think shooting newborns could be so challenging.


Two of my favorite kids

I actually have 3 favorite kids, but the 3rd was being uncooperative. So you will just have to settle for two.

I was experimenting with lighting and reflectors. I'm not too happy with the outcome, but happy enough to share them with you....they make me smile.

Kaleb and his typical little boy ornery face

again Kaleb...takin' us to the gun show

(apparently it is hard to smile when you have gum in your mouth)


Simply beautiful

Meet Phoebe, a WAY too beautiful 5 year old. Doesn't she look like she could be a little mini-model.

I had to steal a snapshot of her sweet baby sister Sophia...isn't she just perfect!


Two peas in a bucket- photo challenge

Here is a list 36 THINGS to try to take a picture of from one of my fav. websites. I think I'm in for the challenge. I'm not sure if I will finish it though... it's worth a shot.

1. Abstract (get in close on something commonplace; make it abstract)
2. Anticipation
3. Architectural Detail
4. Broken
5. Chaos
6. Choices
7. Colors
8. Dignified
9. Empty
10. End of the Season
11. Foliage
12. Framed
13. Frightening
14. From Below
15. Frustrating
16. Good for You
17. Hard and Soft
18. Harvest
19. Intricate
20. Low Light Shots
21. Monochromatic
22. Mysterious
23. Natural Patterns
24. OOPS!
25. Recycled
26. Rought/Tough
27. Rustic
28. Sign
29. Skylines
30. Smooth
31. Stack
32. Sticky
33. Symmetry
34. Unusual
35. What Was THAT?
36. Wheels

Any one else up for the challenge?


Some fun with the macro lens

I've been waiting for the rain to clear so that I could take some pictures but the weather is not cooperating. So instead I decided to play around with the macro lens and attempt to take some picture of rain drops. I'm not too use to the macro lens, I need to play around with it some more...and, might I add, it was the first time I've tried shooting in all manual. Here is the outcome of the days attempts.


My honey

These pictures were taken about a year ago but I had to post them since they're a couple of my favorite pictures of Nate.

(Isn't he so good looking)

(Love him... Oh, and Macie too!)


Playing around

I took my kids on a walk the other day to take some pictures. I wanted to play around in Photoshop. I added some filters and punched up the color a bit. This is what I ended up with.



Here are some of my feeble attempts at photography, not knowing anything about it actually. All I know so far are the shots and angles that I like to shoot my pictures...that leaves a lot more learning to do. So here's to my adventure in photography.