My honey

These pictures were taken about a year ago but I had to post them since they're a couple of my favorite pictures of Nate.

(Isn't he so good looking)

(Love him... Oh, and Macie too!)


Mer said...

I really like it! I talked to Dusty about some photoshop stuff yesterday, and I will try to email you about it soon. I checked out your blog-envy links too, I think I will be visiting those often as well, as I too am envious. he he. Fun fun.

whitty-acres said...

Hi Ginnie, I was stoked to get your comment, thanks.

Well to answer your question, I shoot jpg only. Raw files are huge and I find that if you know you can rely on RAW to fix your mistakes, you won't care if you make mistakes. So it's better just to get it down pat, if that makes sense. Plus my camera's raw files are 25 MB. Holy crap.

And yes, feel free to ask me anything, absolutely. I only got to where I am because I asked like crazy and read, studied and practiced. Oh, and I moved my camera out of A and S modes. Manual only, baby! :)

You can email me anytime. I'm a little too outgoing with my critiques so you may regret you asked!

whitty-acres said...

oooh sorry for the novel.

Gin said...

Manual only huh, I have a lot to work up to until I can do that.

whitty-acres said...

The reason I suggest it is because my opinion is that when you can successfully shoot manual, it means you really understand how a camera works, and how to make it work.


Jenny said...

Tell Nate I think he is beautiful, and the way he has some scruff on his face this even turned on Ben a little bit. Nothing like a Hot Man kissing a sweet babies cheek. Wow I need to go take a cold shower, maybe Ben and i will take one together. ha ha Love, Jenny

marta said...

hello miss ginnie,
okay i've gone thru your archives and my jaw has dropped. not only are your kids a-freaking-dorable, but you are so so talented. i love your kiddie shots and can't wait to get your lens on my li'l benji.

i have too many favorite shots, i'll have to narrow them down. so sweet.