Time To Spice Up My Blog Life

Guess what?!
I have some exciting news.

I have a NEW BLOG to put all my pretty little pictures.

One that's bigger & better;
One that sparkles & shines;
One that watches the kids & cleans the bathroom.
Pretty much, I love it!

I have had "the other" blog for sometime now. I've just been too comfortable here on my little blogger blog, but it's time to move on. And it's time for you to move on with me... now.

So here's what you need to do:
  1. Update your subscriptions/google readers to ginniejphotography.com.

  2. Then head on over there to download a FREE ACTION for photoshop that I'm giving away.

  3. After you've checked out the blog make sure to leave a comment to tell me what you think.

It's just as simple as that. So whatchya' waitin' for? Come on over and join me!


♫ Kriss Kross Will Make Ya.... ♫

So am I totally lame if I admit to liking that song when I was younger?
What about the fact that I could probably sing it word for word?

The Mac Dad will make ya... ♫


I Want To Eat You...

Yes I do!

I can't get enough of baby porter. I'm thinking you might be seeing a lot of this little chubs. Cuteness like this deserves to be blogged.

And here I am trying to convince my new little nephew that I'm his new Mommy... kind of hand-that-rocks-the-cradle-ish... I know.


Some More Baby-ness

I think I'll take one to go, please.
Oh, and don't biggie size it.
I like 'em small & tiny just like this...

If only getting a baby here was just that easy of a process.
Drive thru baby.
Now that is something I could handle.
9 months of feeling like a beached whale?
Not so much.

I better be careful being around all these little babies. I just might possibly start to want one of my very own.

Time to meet the sweet babe.
His parents call him Logan,
but his brother calls him Austen.
I chose a happy medium and called him Logausten.


It helps to be CUTE...

You're killing me smalls with that doll faced look!


The Perfect Package

• S w e e t •
• Beautiful •
• Talented •

Oh, and did I mention she's only 17?

Can I be 17 again, except in smaller/cuter package like this?


Meet Baby Porter

You might remember this belly from this post HERE.

Well, the bun is out of the oven and I have never seen a cuter little bun... errrr... I mean, baby ever. I just want to eat his little fingers and toes. I say that in the most non-cannibalistic way possible.

This baby is a beautiful little miracle and I got to witness his birth.
For more of the story, pictures, and to see me in an awesome hair net click HERE.

Now onto the baby,

Raise your hand if you're baby hungry!



In reference to my Out & About post Ashley asked, "Do you mind telling me where you get your texture actions? Thanks!"

Funny you say texture actions because you just reminded me that I have a texture action sitting in a lonely little corner all by itself somewhere in my Photoshop Action file. I guess I should bring it out, dust it off and use it every now and then. I usually just add the texture myself, but it would make more sense to use the action and it would be a lot more time efficient.

Where, you ask, can I find this awesome time saving texture action? Well, you can find it right H E R E. It is one of Nicole V.'s freebie actions. It's great!

I have a large collection of textures (I think it's more like a bad addiction). I have a couple of favorites; this first texture is one of them. I used this texture on my Out & About post.

I also layered this texture on top of the other texture.

I can't remember where I downloaded these from, so I can't give credit where credit is due. Sorry.

If you want to use these textures just right click and save. And if you want to start the bad habit of hoarding textures like me you can check out these two sites cgtextures.com and textureking.com. There are a whole lot more free textures out there for you to look through, but lets start small. I want to ease you into the addiction, and if your texture saving gets waaaay out of control we can start a support group.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How about a picture? Here's one from the archives.

This was taken back in the day where we, OK, I prayed every night for Macie's hair to grow. It took a good two and a half years, but I think we are finally getting there.

I just adore this shot!