In reference to my Out & About post Ashley asked, "Do you mind telling me where you get your texture actions? Thanks!"

Funny you say texture actions because you just reminded me that I have a texture action sitting in a lonely little corner all by itself somewhere in my Photoshop Action file. I guess I should bring it out, dust it off and use it every now and then. I usually just add the texture myself, but it would make more sense to use the action and it would be a lot more time efficient.

Where, you ask, can I find this awesome time saving texture action? Well, you can find it right H E R E. It is one of Nicole V.'s freebie actions. It's great!

I have a large collection of textures (I think it's more like a bad addiction). I have a couple of favorites; this first texture is one of them. I used this texture on my Out & About post.

I also layered this texture on top of the other texture.

I can't remember where I downloaded these from, so I can't give credit where credit is due. Sorry.

If you want to use these textures just right click and save. And if you want to start the bad habit of hoarding textures like me you can check out these two sites cgtextures.com and textureking.com. There are a whole lot more free textures out there for you to look through, but lets start small. I want to ease you into the addiction, and if your texture saving gets waaaay out of control we can start a support group.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How about a picture? Here's one from the archives.

This was taken back in the day where we, OK, I prayed every night for Macie's hair to grow. It took a good two and a half years, but I think we are finally getting there.

I just adore this shot!


Merilee said...

For some reason I haven't been bitten by the texture bug. Probably because I haven't tried it much. If I did I am sure we would have to start a support group. :)
I always love yours.
I LOVE that picture too, so cute!

Ginnie said...

Merilee you should try it and then after you become addicted you can become treasurer of our little support group. :)

MichelleChud said...

That is a cute picture. Love the colors on it and her eyes are so big and her lips are so cute. IT's a good one.

Ashley said...

Thanks so much! I'm excited to try them out. And that is an adorable picture.

Michelle said...

Thanks Ginnie!

Natalie said...

I am such an addict to textures! And those lips and eyes are stunning!