The next baby GAP model...

Ok not really, but he could be. I have never taken pictures of a more cooperative child ever! I was amazed with how still he would sit. I just adore this little boy and check out his faux-hawk...could he be any cuter?


Cute Couple

Don't let these pictures fool you. This is not an advertisement Colgate or Crest, although it probably could be. These two have perfect teeth, I guess it's a good thing he's going to be a dentist.

I had so much fun with these two, they are so much in love and it showed in all of their pictures.


Cougars Amongst Kittens

After much persuasion and persistence on my part, my friend Emily finally caved in allowed me to post a couple pictures of her beautiful family.

This second picture makes me laugh every time I look at it because her husband had the "artistic vision" for this picture. We had to climb down into this little canal risking life and limb to get this shot (it really wasn't that bad, it just makes for a better story). The rest of the family wasn't too happy about his little impromptu hike (they fake some good smiles though), but I think it was well worth it. I love the way this picture turned out. Your beautiful Em...grrrrrrrr!


Big Bow & A Little Girl

I was taking pictures of my friends baby when she pulled out a plethora of bows. Big bows, little bows, skinny bows, fat bows...you get the idea. Well I found this cute big bow and had to try it on my little miss Macie. I knew the amount time that she would keep it on would be brief seeing as she's anti-bow, which often leads to being mistaken as a boy. So I hurried and pulled out my camera and attempted to take some shots...this is what I came up with.

These are actually some of my favorite pictures of her. They capture her personality perfectly. They're not the best pictures ever, but I love 'em regardless!


Some more dental friends

Meet Sir "O" & family, they are such a lovely sweet family. The kind of people that make you better just by being around them. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many great friends!

Hope you enjoy your pictures!

Isn't she beautiful!


Practically perfect in every way

Another adorable baby! The more I shoot these babies the more I love it. This little baby had the sweetest little features and the most amazing eyes I've ever seen on a newborn before. So precious!


More fall family photo's

I had a blast with the fun little family. They are actually my neighbors (to be more exact, they are my downstairs, downstairs to the left neighbors). And I must confess I just adore their son...he is so stinkin' cute, I'm sure you will agree.

They were quite the die hards. It was in the low 40's (felt more like it was in the negatives) and they were taking off their jackets and sacrificing for the pictures...those are my type of people. To my knowledge they are all alive and well, no one is sick with pneumonia (at least not yet).

Out of no where they pull this little acrobatic move. Not only are they photogenic, but very talented as well. See what I'm talking about when I say "fun" family?


Some more of Eli

If this little chubs looks familiar it's because I took his pictures 6 weeks ago when he was brand-spankin' new. Now he is 6 weeks old and growing fast and as you can see he still has lots of chubs... gotta love chubby babies!


For Amanda,

You've seen the house, now here's the baby.
He is one of the sweetest little babies that I have met, so content & happy. He didn't fuss once the whole time I was there. Perhaps that's because he was naked most of the time (without peeing, might I add). Almost every picture I took turned out perfect. It was very hard to narrow it down, but I managed.
Amanda, thanks so much for having me take pictures of your little man...I enjoyed every minute of it!


Talk about amazing!

I did a photo shoot over at a friends house today of her sweet little 4 month old baby boy (pictures to come). She left for a minute to feed the baby, so I took advantage of the opportunity and wondered around the house taking pictures. Her house is beautiful as you can tell. There were so many picturesque spots in the house. Here's just a few...

Unfortunately, the bar has now been set pretty high for when I'm house hunting...sorry Nate.