Cougars Amongst Kittens

After much persuasion and persistence on my part, my friend Emily finally caved in allowed me to post a couple pictures of her beautiful family.

This second picture makes me laugh every time I look at it because her husband had the "artistic vision" for this picture. We had to climb down into this little canal risking life and limb to get this shot (it really wasn't that bad, it just makes for a better story). The rest of the family wasn't too happy about his little impromptu hike (they fake some good smiles though), but I think it was well worth it. I love the way this picture turned out. Your beautiful Em...grrrrrrrr!


Em said...

I'm so glad to see these posted!
They turned out beautiful!

Crystal said...

Wow, Is everybody getting their own photography business? Great pictures Ginnie! You have an eye for great pictures! We are getting a nice camera. Any advice on the best brand? I know cannon is good, but pretty pricey. We were thinking about spending about 1,000. Is that going to get us a good picture taking camera? I need some professional imput! Thanks. Crystal

Ginnie said...

hey crystal! Nikon & canon are both pretty good brands. You could find a great camera with $1000 for sure. I would check out the Nikon D40 or the Canon Rebel XTi. Let me know what you end up getting.