Two of my favorite kids

I actually have 3 favorite kids, but the 3rd was being uncooperative. So you will just have to settle for two.

I was experimenting with lighting and reflectors. I'm not too happy with the outcome, but happy enough to share them with you....they make me smile.

Kaleb and his typical little boy ornery face

again Kaleb...takin' us to the gun show

(apparently it is hard to smile when you have gum in your mouth)


Mer said...

despite your harsh criticism of yourself, you are really good..I am getting quite jealous! Did you do these with a black sheet as the background? That's what I have used in the past, how did you set up the lighting and reflectors. The first one of Kaleb is classic. I love pictures that really show a kids personality. That one is perfect!

Jenny said...

I do love your pictures. I hope you have time when you come into town to take a few of my beautiful bunch of rugrats. Oh and maybe one of Ben kissing my sweet baby!!! You do good work, i'm proud of you.

Wendy said...

Great Job! Reflectors are difficult.

Gin said...

I took some more indoor pictures today and after that experience I decided I was done taking pictures. It is just sooo hard to try to get the lighting I need and I CAN"T get the clean crisp look I want. I don't know what my issue is. (I'm very frustrated at the moment)

yep mer I used a black sheet...nothing but the best for this ghetto girl.

Dustin said...

To get a good crisp shot inside you need a ton of light, just think of all of the times you have watched some entertainment program on tv of photo shoots, tons of lights. Even an overcast day outside is tons brighter than inside the average house. Because it is so much darker you have to adjust your shutter speed longer and it plays havoc with your depth of field, anyway that is just a thought. Dustin

Gin said...

dust- Thanks for the advice. These were my settings. For kaleb's picture my setting were 1/100 f4.5 & 800. I shot Abrie's on a different day and her settings were 1/50 (as low as I could possibly go w/o camera shake) f4.5 & 400.

So which one do you think was the better setting? Are those the settings you would use?

Dustin said...

Well that looks pretty good, one thing that I would try is to see if you can drop your fstop to a larger 2 or 3. This will really shorten up your depth of field there should be a button on your camera that will let you see through the lens the depth of field preview. Also i would try to set the iso on your camera as low as it will go the smaller the number the sharper the image will be. That means that you will have to have more light but it will be much cleaner less pixelated. also with digital cameras you tend to get noise with the faster film speed and they show up a little more when you have a darker picture. so that is what i think. a couple of lights and a tin foil diffuser and you are set.

Gin said...

Thanks for the info...you're the man.