Little miss Macie

I attempted (key word attempted) to take some pictures of Macie today. Now I know why I hardly have any pictures of her up until this point. Go figure, a little girl who doesn't like to get her picture taken.

More pictures to come...


MChud said...

Nice to see a new picture. Be looking forward to more. Is that with your new lens? Cute little girl!

Mer said...

Aww, nice to see one of her! I really like the way this looks. Hayden is the same way with getting his picture taken. If he sees the camera he completely ignores me, I try everything. I guess I should give him a break..poor kid. haha

TyseePooh said...

This is the first time I've checked out your page; it's awesome! (No, I'm not being sarcastic). I think you might have told me about it a few months ago - sorry!

I miss talking to you. I miss you! You never talk to me any more; and don't try to blame it on me. I'm not the one who gets to stay home and play all day, taking photos and writing blogs.

I keep forgetting you had another kid. She's cute! She must have received her looks from both me and Nate, because she looks nothing like your Halloween Picture:

Anyway, I'm jealous about your site. In addtion, you also take incredible photos as well! I used to have a cool camera; now its almost 6 years old! I wish I kept the D80 I got last fall (you remember the one I was excited about). If only I had the time, creativity, and the camera to do a site like yours. Oh well, life's a bi@%#!

I'm depressed now.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Gin said...

michelle- no I haven't got my new lens yet. Hopefully I'll be getting it sometime this week.

tyson- OK that picture has got to be photoshopped. I know I might be ugly...but not that ugly. Sad thing is, is that I'm the prettiest one in the family. That makes the rest you guys really, really ugly then.

(there's nothing like a little sibling love)