Check out this Mama-to-be. If there is such thing as a "pregnancy glow" she's definitely got it. I was never brave enough to have maternity pictures done of myself, but then again I never looked like this. I resembled something somewhat of a beached whale.
A large beached whale.
A large beached whale that was retaining a lot of water.
Pretty much that was my excuse when I was pregnant, I'm not fat... I'm just retaining a lot of water right now. I don't think people bought it, but at least it made me feel better.

On to more important stuff... like pictures,



Helloooo! Stunning

(don't tell me you don't know how to work it, 'cause I'm not buying it)


The last three pictures are all very similar.
Same pose. Same belly. Different settings. Different crops.

First shot: Metered on the subject Setting: SS 1/320, AV 2.8, ISO 200

Second Shot: Metered on the sunset Settings: SS 1/4000, AV 2.8, ISO 200

Third shot: Again, metered on the sunset Settings: SS 1/2500, AV 2.8, ISO 200


Laura said...

Hey, it's one of your many many blog stockers. Just wanted to say that these are all so so good. I love pretty pregnant bellies. Thanks for including your settings, it's so helpful.

sarah said...

once again INCREDIBLE. you totally rock girl. keep it up. Dito to the settings. love seeing what settings you used for each.

Jenny said...

These are b-E Beautiful!! I really love the last two with the sun going down!! They are all really great!! Shan you look stunning!

Jenny said...

Maybe I like the one where she is looking up at the camera, she looks like a prego sexy women!!

Shannon said...

Ginny! Thank you so much! These are so cool. I showed my husband and he said "who is that"...I honestly had to tell him it was me, so you did an amazing job transforming me! I don't want to hang pictures up of myself everywhere but I may have to with these! Thank you thank you'

Chell said...

Oh these are great. I love how you can rock any subject matter. What an adorable preggo belly..

The Larsen Fam said...

I've been "stalking" your blog for a while. I LOVE your pictures. Thank you for posting the settings - that really helps. I took a photography class and the teacher told us Auto was always the best - HA! I'm learning that he was totally wrong - so I'm trying to get acquainted with all of the manual settings.
Anyway - thank you for sharing all of your wonderful pictures.

Jill P. said...

Another blog stalker de-lurking so I can tell you I especially love the last three photos with the symbolism of the pregnant belly surrounded by the ripe grain/grass.

Krystal said...

They are all really good, but man those last three are to die for. I really love them. She must be so happy that you caught such perfect picture like those. That is the best. I remember the ones you took for me of my belly, and I love them, becuase KJ will always have those. YOu don't get that time back, so to have pictures like you take are priceless. Good job. Your the best.

Merilee said...

Beautiful. The second to last one is my favorite, I keep going back to look at it!! Great job!

Shannon Sewell said...

that second silhouette shot... wow. phenomenal. the way the light hits her hair... gorgeous :)