Jeri & Family

It's always fun to shoot my friends... so laid back and fun. I must say I had to resist the urge to put up all the great out takes- there were lots. So meet the fam. 4 boys and 1 girl + 1 daughter-in-law. I told the Mom that after this it made me want to have a family with a lot of boys, she assured me I did not... ;)

PS- I'm having issues with Photobucket right now. It's messing up my colors and making my pictures look soft. Sorry.

And this is Jeri, my BEEEE-AUTIFUL friend.


Chell said...

Wow she is stunning. I love your set up for these. I have the hardest time beign creative with large group posing

The Perry Family said...

Nice Gin! No out takes huh? Bummer! I love checking your site to see your sessions. Oh and if I didn't comment about that one pic of Cage, Krystal's sister's son, on the bike, I LOVE IT! Great pic!