Free Stuff! * *Updated* * EXPIRED

The 150 downloads are gone. For those who got them I hope you enjoy them. I would love to see your play with the actions :)
For those who didn't, don't despair. The next best word to FREE is SALE!
Those actions will be up for sell for 50% for the first two days, after that they will go to $20.
Check back later tonight or in the morning for the SALE!


Life is hard when your Mom has a camera glued to her hand. Here's the proof,


So let's pretend that Abrie is super excited to get her picture taken,
and let's pretend that I didn't have to bribe her with loads of candy
(Super Nanny would be ashamed),
and let's pretend that my youngest child isn't running around without any pants on,
and let's pretend that I didn't use the phrase, "Pose like Hannah Montana",
and let's pretend that getting your picture taken isn't the end of the world.
And people ask me why I don't have any more pictures of my kids? This is why.

* * * Time for my S u R p r I s e! * * *
(for all my photog friends out there)

There's something about the word F R E E that makes me feel so mmmm, mmmmm good! I'm assuming that everyone shares an equal love for the word free! So with that in mind, I have created a set of actions that I am so excited to share with you.

(Finally I got the girl to crack a smile, with a little coaxing and a lot of bribery)
I edit all my pictures with the lighten, color boost, and make it POP actions.
Simple & basic!

The next ones are my absolute favorites!

-50 more free downloads HERE- Expired
(these actions were made in CS2. They will also work for CS3 and possibily 7)

The download will only be available for 1 week or 100 downloads- whatever comes first. So download 'em, try 'em, tweak 'em.... whatever. I'd love to hear what you think.

PS- I've had several people ask me about my B&W and how I process them. I use the Mocha action on most of them. Some people also had questions about the PP'ing on the picture of Abrie a few posts down (the one with the cheesy grin). I used my Vintage Gold action on those ones.

PPS- For all my non-photog friends out there, I'll have a surprise coming up for you in the next few weeks...


allegra said...

really Ginnie!? really? something free? you're AWESOME! i am going to download them asap. I love your photography and work and editing and all of it. thanks for sharing some love!!! i'll definitely give you some link love in the near future...

can't wait to play around with them. by the way, she is absolutely beautiful! if i have a girl i hope she's half that cute! holy smokes

Jenny B said...

You make me laugh, I love them and my two littlest are always in the nude, so don't feel bad. TFS!

sarah said...

Ginnie- people are going to go crazy over these. I have loved using them and think you have such an awesome talent. . .share the love girl. Keep up the great work. we are off to the OBX for the week so will touch base when I get back. miss ya.

Ashlee said...

I hopped onto your blog from a friends. You don't actually know me, but I love to see your photos so I stop by every now and again. I just downloaded your actions and am very excited to give them a try. This was very generous of you, and just wanted to say thanks,

Art Photographs said...

Wow thanks so much, can't wait to give them a try and when I use them I'll credit you over on my blog, thanks girl you rock!

Alicia Betts said...

'kay...I have PSE6 so I don't think these great actions will work for me, but I just had to leave a comment because this entry had to be one of the funniest I've ever read! Thanks for the giggle!

Chell said...

Good to know your kids still have their aversion to clothes.

Cool actions will have to laay with them now that I have CS3, which I still have not used...

Karina Rigtrup said...

I've been watching your blog for a few months now and your one of my very favorites! I LOVE that your sharing your talents with others, thank you so much!

YA said...

Love your journaling..lol

Thanks for the freebie.

Laurel E. Riffey said...

Oh la la!!! Thanks for the freebie!!! Can't wait to give them a try!

Jean Smith Photography said...

i must say that you are a fantastic photographer and i loved looking through your blog. heehee...and you are hilarious too! love the post about photographing your children...i hear ya sister!

Kimerly Stone (kimberlyscklli) said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I was directed to your blog by Hair of Curls (Jenny B)over at ILP and these actions are great!

I just wish I could have downloaded them. If you ever rehost please let me know!

Kimberlyscklli (Kimberly Stone) from ILP!

RAE said...

Darn...it says it expired. Will you be sharing these again? These looked like great actions!

~cyndi said...

These look gorgeous, I'm totally bummed that I missed them. Hopefully you will rehost them :)

Angela Nebinger Designs said...

Awesome.. thanks.. I love the feel of these and can't wait to try them out myself.. angie

Liz said...

THANK YOU! Love them and can't wait to play, play, play!
What a great all around set, so usable and perfect for all kinds of photos.

Jess said...

OMG Ginnie, that first pic is HILARIOUS! I'm so glad someone else's kids hate photos and run around naked too! ROFL!

Thank you so much for the action love too... they are fantastic! I can see myself using these a LOT- I think I'm in love! :)

Miranda said...

Yay I got it! Thank you soo much for sharing, these are great!

Becky said...

I only have PSE and I didn't get here until they were gone anyway, but I still think you're awesome! :-D

Mandy said...

These are fab Ginnie. I use your lighten on almost every photo now. I am addicted.

amyorr said...

so what? dental school buddies don't get special treatment! A little heads up on the action? I missed it and I am bummed.

Rebecca said...


Thank you for the share, these are absolutely fantastic. The Mocha b/w is my favorite B/W out there. Love it!

Anonymous said...


These is one of my favorite action sets out of everything I own...THANK YOU for being so talented and generous. I love the colors they produce.


Sharla said...

because I appreciate your attitude on the "not supposed to be a drama post" that you started on 2p's I'm supporting you and buying your beautiful actions! What a Christ like attitude you have! Thanks!! Sharla