Melts in the Heart, Not in the Hand

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. This boys little face & perfect smile melts my heart like butta'. I think it's going to be his survival mechanism that gets him through this life. Despite the mischief & naughtiness he finds himself in, he's able to flash these little innocent, I-would-never-get-into-trouble looks and everything's better. It will definitely serve him well when he's married, that's for sure. :)

So here's Kaleb, my middle child and most favorite son I have. (I can say that's since he's my only son)


*I used the actions Feeling Blue & Make it POP!*


*Vintage Gold with texture on top*



*Feeling Blue*


*Vintage B/W*
Here's Kaleb taking us to the gun show. He's all boy! I love his little muscle man face, just cracks me up!



MichelleChud said...

Ginnie!!! Those are beautiful! He is such a cute boy. I remember telling you once that he was the cutest boy I knew. I still think that. Well, him and Cooper of course! :) Those just look fabulous and I keep seeing your name everywhere with people loving your actions. Good job Ginnie. You should be proud of how far you've come in such a short time! I'm sure proud of you!

Jeannie said...

Oh he is soooo cute. Love these pictures and your actions used on them.

Mike said...

Ginnie, Ginnie, Ginnie. We miss you. At what point do I have to accept the fact that your not going to come knocking on our door any second? That there won't be any more game nights, or that we won't hear you screaming at your kids to come in the house and telling your husband off for being selfish? (did I say that last bit out loud?) Your pics look grrrrrreat!

Marostica said...

Oh I miss sweet darling little Kaleb. These pics are so great! We miss you guys in the East.

Rebecca said...

He is absolutely adorable!

Merilee said...

He really is one of the cutest boys I have ever seen. You and Nate sure have some good genes. :) These look so great! I love your vintage black and white.

Jenny said...

Sooo cute!! He is a beautiful little boy!! Love all your shots!

Krystal said...

He has always been so handsome, but man a few months of not seeing him has really made him look older. I love his new look. The hair looks good. What perfect pictures.

Jill said...

What a handsome lil' devil!

allegra said...

he really is a handsome little guy. i LOVE his eyes and those lashes?! hello. gorgeous shots. you're so talented!! i love the shot with texture on top, and i'm laughing out loud at the last pics.

cute, cute kiddo.

Krista said...

I love his muscle man face, he seems to be full of personality!